Santa Fe Japan Festival

Ever wondered what suminagashi actually is, or how to make one for yourself? Maternal Mitochondria (Isabel W.S. and Miriam Sagan) will be doing a hands-on demonstration this Saturday at the Japan Festival from 11am-3pm! Come and say hi, draw some sumi, all while eating delicious takoyaki. The festival is at the Convention Center and admission is $5 for adults, free for children under 12. The festival itself runs from 9:30am-5pm. See you there!


black and orange sumi print

Celtic Rose Carving

At the risk of spamming y’all with pictures of this carving, I won an award for it at SFCC! And it will be up in their gallery space for the rest of the summer. I’m super happy and grateful to the woodworking department for nominating me! It’s a great show, hope everyone gets a chance to see it.

Celtic Rose Woodcarving
Celtic Rose Carving

Celtic Rose Carving is in another show!

This carving will be in a second show this summer, the Art & Design Showcase in the main gallery at Santa Fe Community College. Come check out all that the art and design students have to offer! It’s usually packed with a tremendous amount of variety and talent. The opening is May 3rd from 4:30-6pm, and the show will be up until August.


Bee Carving

Current work in progress! Carvings tend to look like blocks of wood right up until they’re finished, when suddenly they look like something else… This is actually very close to being done! I’ve gotta finish the line work, background texture, and undercutting so it looks more like the bee has just landed. Then painting with watercolors or ink…

Unfinished bee woodcarving
Bee carving, in progress.




The Sumi-A-Day Tumblr is an ongoing art project by artist collective Maternal Mitochondria. Every day, a new piece of suminagashi! Suminagashi is a Japanese printing technique that creates unique monotype prints using ink and water. Maternal Mitochondria uses both traditional and modern materials and techniques. Suminagashi is related to Western marbling and Ebru techniques, but brings it’s own artistic merits to the table. Click on the link above or on the Tumblr icon in the social media menu to see some beautiful, one of a kind pieces of art.


Pink and yellow suminagashi print.