Isabel W.S.

Photography courtesy of Carla Garcia


Isabel W.S. (Winson-Sagan) is the builder and manager of a Tiny House at Browncastle Ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico where she works in a family business consortium that includes solar energy and tourism. She has studied traditional European woodcarving with master Bulgarian carver Ivan Dimitrov for almost a decade. She is an art student at Santa Fe Community College and holds a B.A. with honors in Religious Studies/Anthropology from the University of New Mexico. Her photography, suminagashi, and collages have appeared in several print and electronic magazines, including The Santa Fe Literary Review, Truck, and Rogue Agent. Her two books, in collaboration with poet Miriam Sagan, are the e-book “Swimming in Reykjavik” (The Moon Press) and the forthcoming “Spilled Ink” for which she did the typography and design. As part of this continuing mother/daughter collaboration, Winson-Sagan has been an artist in residence at Wildacres in North Carolina, at a printmaking residency at Herekeke Arts Center in New Mexico, and for a short term guest residency at SIM House in Iceland.

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