So Excited! New chapbook out from Red Bird: Lama Mountain by Miriam Sagan

Miriam's Well: Poetry, Land Art, and Beyond

This work grew out of a residency at Herekeke last summer. Cover art by Isabel Winson-Sagan. Red Bird is a beautiful press in Minnesota–I so enjoyed working with them.

a black skirt bright
with red cherries
or soft chiffon
silkscreened with Paris
or New York
on a summer’s day
we made ourselves
to leave
Lama Mountain
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Poetry Art Walk

There’s a new poetry/art walk at Santa Fe Skies RV Park, which can be accessed by using the Geocaching App ( or by simply following the clues. Pick up your info sheet at the front desk! Poem by Miriam Sagan.

Flip Flop

A new book of haiku is out from Miriam’s Well Press! Get your copy of Flip Flop soon!

Book design: Isabel Winson-Sagan

Authors: Michael G. Smith and Miriam Sagan

Cover art: Kai Harper Leah


Flip Flop Cover jpg


I’ve started a Tumblr project at, where a new piece will go up every day. Follow me if you want to receive a new piece of ink painting in your feed once a day!