Bee Carving

Current work in progress! Carvings tend to look like blocks of wood right up until they’re finished, when suddenly they look like something else… This is actually very close to being done! I’ve gotta finish the line work, background texture, and undercutting so it looks more like the bee has just landed. Then painting with watercolors or ink…

Unfinished bee woodcarving
Bee carving, in progress.




The Sumi-A-Day Tumblr is an ongoing art project by artist collective Maternal Mitochondria. Every day, a new piece of suminagashi! Suminagashi is a Japanese printing technique that creates unique monotype prints using ink and water. Maternal Mitochondria uses both traditional and modern materials and techniques. Suminagashi is related to Western marbling and Ebru techniques, but brings it’s own artistic merits to the table. Click on the link above or on the Tumblr icon in the social media menu to see some beautiful, one of a kind pieces of art.


Pink and yellow suminagashi print.

New website!

Maternal Mitochondria, the artist collective composed of Isabel W.S. and Miriam Sagan, now has their own website! They have several events coming up, so hopefully this will allow all of MM’s projects to be easily accessible and all in one place. Head over to if you’re interested!

Maternal Mitochondria
Maternal Mitochondria now has a website!