CURRENTS New Media Fundraiser

For my birthday, I’m asking for donations to Currents New Media. I’m a new member of their board of directors (!), and they face some unique challenges this year, since the festival will not be returning to their previous location at El Museo. The hunt for the perfect new spot (or several spots) is underway! This will probably involve hiring more staff than in previous years, as well as more complex logistics, due to covid precautions.

For those who don’t know, the Currents New Media festival has been taking place in Santa Fe for the last ten years. It is an international festival that seeks to showcase some of the best and most innovative combinations of technology and art. I joined the board because I’m basically just a huge fangirl of the festival and I wanted to be involved in some way.

Here is a little bit more about them, or you can check out the website:

Parallel Studios, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, has been producing, curating, and designing small- and large-scale video exhibitions in Santa Fe since 2002. In 2010, we launched CURRENTS NEW MEDIA as an annual, citywide event. The festival brings together the work of established and emerging new media artists, from New Mexico, the United States, and across the world for events showcasing interactive and non-interactive installations, multimedia performances, VR and AR environments, single channel video, animation, experimental documentary, web based/app art forms, robotics and 3D printing. Parallel Studios reaches out to local high and middle school students through its Youth Media Makers Program.

Facebook pays all the processing fees for you, so 100% of your donation will go to Parallel Studios.

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